Unfilled Sandbag for Yoga and Pilates

Unfilled Sandbag for Yoga and Pilates

Unfilled Sandbag for Yoga and Pilates

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Product Overview

Heavy duty cotton

Add or reduce sand to determine weight

Outer cover is machine washable

Inner lining has zipper closure for to keep sand inside

43 x 19 cm

Sandbags are perfect for deepening a pose by placing on the thighs in a kneeling position, stretching out arms further by simple holds, and can even help you sink further into poses by being placed on the back. These bags are great for pilates, physical therapy and even yoga! The variety of colors will fit anyone's wants and needs.

If your yoga or Pilates students are struggling with their stretches, offer them a Sandbag! Our Unfilled Sandbags can be stuffed with sand, beans, rice or other dry loose filing to create the desired weight. Our sandbags feature a unique, leak-proof system with both a zippered inner liner and a zippered outer liner, so you don't have to worry about spillage. The outer liner can easily be removed and washed.