Silk Neck Pillow - Buckwheat Fill

Silk Neck Pillow - Buckwheat Fill

Silk Neck Pillow - Buckwheat Fill

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Size: 11 cm across by 30 cm long

100% removable silk cover

Stuffed with organic buckwheat hulls


If you haven't used one of our silk neck pillows, you haven't truly relaxed! Each neck pillow is painted in luxurious silk, cinched tight and secured on each end by a thin cotton lace for easy sanitization. The inside pillow is filled with earthy and organic buckwheat hulls inside a soft cotton bag. There's even a zippered opening on the inner cotton pillowcase to make adding/subtracting/replacing the buckwheat hulls easily and disaster-free! Place in the freezer for at least two hours to cool the stress away! Use these small pillows under the neck in restorative poses or meditation, or behind your head while you are watching the tele for enhanced posture. Our neck pillows are available with cotton filling.