7 cm Foam Yoga Brick

7 cm Foam Yoga Brick

7 cm Foam Yoga Brick

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Product Overview

22 x 15 x 7cm

Beveled edges for added comfort and style

Soft, scratch-proof exterior

Lightweight and durable

Individually wrapped

Looking for a little extra contoured support? 7cm Foam Yoga Brick is the perfect way to bring you closer to the floor. It can easily support your weight without your prop folding and with its extra dense foam, will last you a long time. The smooth foam block will feel great on your hands. It has just enough cushion to give you a better grip.

Our foam yoga bricks are comfortable enough to use under your head or seat. We guarantee our yoga bricks will never get mushy, like the bricks other stores are selling. Our yoga bricks are made from a sturdy, scratch-resistant foam and are lightweight and easy to use. Foam yoga bricks provide support and stability for proper alignment, allowing you to practice your postures safely and effectively. They are also easy to use, store, and bring with you to class. Each brick measures 22cm x 15cm x 7cm (3"x6"x9") and are completely Phthalate free.