65 cm Swiss Ball

65 cm Swiss Ball

65 cm Swiss Ball

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Yoga balls are a great way to work out your core abdominal muscles. Use a fitness ball at home to make pushups more challenging. Sit at a desk all day at work? Move around more by sitting a yoga ball at your desk. It will keep your blood flowing while keeping away a sedentary life style. Better your coordination and balance by using a Swiss ball under your feet while doing pushups. There are innumerable ways to use these exercise balls!

Our Yoga Balance & Fitness Balls, also known as Swiss Balls, Physio Balls, Exercise balls or PE Balls, are used in Yoga, Pilates, and fusion exercise programs to strengthen and firm abs, back and buttocks. Made from durable vinyl, they are designed to support up to 272kg of pressure. The balls are easily inflated with any air pump. The 65cm ball is best for people up to 1.82 metres tall.