5 cm Foam Yoga Brick

5 cm Foam Yoga Brick

5 cm Foam Yoga Brick

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Product Overview

Thin block for acute grip

30cm L x 20cm W x 5cm H

Phthalate free foam

6 colour choices

Yoga Direct's 5cm yoga bricks are a great way to add a little extra support or acute gripping to any yoga practice! Made of sturdy and durable scratch-resistant foam, our yoga bricks and blocks are strong enough to support your full weight without deforming or breaking, yet comfortable enough to use under your head or seat. Yoga bricks help you achieve alignment in difficult standing positions by raising the floor to your hand. These bricks can be stacked if more support is needed. The 5cm thickness is great for easing tight hamstrings when positioned under the buttocks in lotus pose, and adds a touch of support against a thin mat when placed under the head in Savasana.

Use yoga bricks to bring the ground to your hand in poses such as extended side angle. Bricks are also great to use to better understand internal and external rotations. They promise better alignment without risk of damaging your body.