1.8 m Cinch Buckle Yoga Belt

1.8 m Cinch Buckle Yoga Belt
1.8 m Cinch Buckle Yoga Belt

1.8 m Cinch Buckle Yoga Belt

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The 1.8m belt is a great addition to your yoga props because it can help you stretch like you never have before. This size is perfect for those who have built up their flexibility, but still need help during certain poses.

Yoga straps help you deepen a great stretch. Great for keeping arms together in handstands, there are a variety of ways to use yoga belts in your practice. Stretch out tight hamstrings after a long run. Bring harder poses into reach. You'll notice that as your body gains flexibility, you will become less and less dependent on yoga straps to guide you. That's when you can get more creative. There are a million and one ways to use yoga straps whether you're a beginner or an advanced yogi.

Yoga straps and belts help you ease into stretches, provide extra support, and help maintain proper alignment. Great for hamstring stretches and shoulder rolls, or to simply connect your limbs together when you are not strong enough to do so on your own. Our Yoga Belts are sturdy and durable and made of 100% cotton.

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